21st of October 911 An afternoon
Atlantic love Dark eyes Down under a forest
Drunk of you Fallen down Fist
Hey you Life (III) Napoleon
New song Nice songs Nightmare
Ocean of green Orange Public slide
Reachin' home Red rose on a winter's day See the rain falling
Steppin' up The perfect one The rebel
To be forgotten Truth or lies Tumbling paradise

21st of October

T.: Markus
M.: Bob

I was just left from my girlfriend
It was a really hard time
I couldn´t think normally, and
I was able to do any crime

When one Saturday evening
I met some good friends
And she stood there, brightly smiling
I was sure the hard time ends

First it was just like it ever was
When we were in Frankie´s flat
I thought her smile is dangerous
And I felt it made me mad

It was the 21st of October
21st of October
When I felt like knockin´ on heaven´s door
Knock, knock, knockin´ on heaven´s door

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T.: Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Whereever you are now
No matter where you go
My thoughts are always by aour side
Your smile is all around
My feet are losing ground
I wanna have you here tonight

Sitting in a train
All I feel is pain
Tears are running out of my eyes
´Cause you took away my car
And I don´t know where you are
I think you must be cold as ice

You left me here at home
Why? Wasn´t it warm?
I´m looking for some reasons
You said you loved me
Oh, it´s hard to see
That was just one of your seasons

Asking why? Why? Why?
I think I´m gonna die
Is this cut forever?
And I still can´t believe
The message I received:
We can´t never more live together

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An afternoon

T.: Daniel, Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Sitting in an old café
High above the valley
Everybody´s 50 years older than me
Nothing here to make me jolly

The olny thing keeping me warm
Is the beer I hold in my arm
But the grandmas and -pas
to some kind of music dance

The try to dance today
The music ends - it makes me glad
They don´t want to hear good rock anyway+
The music restarts - I´m getting mad!

But it is you that keeps me staying
Don´t know why we had to meet in this place
Please come I´m silently praying
I do everything to see your amazing grace
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Atlantic love

T./M.: Markus

It was a sunny summer day in July
when I met you in France
I thought this girl must be mine
And I asked her to dance
You said 'Yes' and my heart went faster
Whe we started to dance
I felt like I was in trance
It was so beautiful to have you near by me

Atlantic love, atlantic love
That was a feeling up above
Atlantic love, atlantic love
We couldn´t get enough

At two öo´clock the music ended
I asked you if you´d come to me
Another time you said 'Yes' and we spent
The greatest night of our lives

There after we went down to the beach
We were going hand in hand
And were thinking about the night
As we laid in the sand

But now I´m home again
I´m often thinking of you
You changed my life basically
Sometimes I don´t know what to do
I don´t know your address
I only know your´re from Spain
I felt so deep in love with you
I had to meet you again

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Dark eyes

T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

It is you I want to get to know
Please dont´t say it isn´t so
Though this way is covered with lies
I tear down walls to get to you
I don´t know anything else to do
Just to see into your dark eyes

The way you look it makes me feel
It makes me crues from head to heel
The look one funny and look one wise
One glance mekes a moment have no end
Another one makes things just unsignificant
It is in your dark eyes

Your look, your moving is just art
I hope this will never be taken apart
They are to your beaty the last spice

Your look, your moving is just art
I hope this will never be taken apart
I just need you and your dark eyes!

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Down under a forest
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Drunk of you

T.: Anke
M.: Markus

Since you´re gone away
I know how I love you
I miss the warmth and tenderness
You gave me when you were here
I´m missing you!

I can´t live without you anymore
It seems as if somebody had cut
A part of my body and took it away
My head is full of you
It seems that if I´m drunken
Drunk of you

Your smell, I can´t get rid of it
I´m narcotized from you
Sometimes I sit at home crying
I used to cry whem I lost somebody
Tody I´m crying because I´m frightened of losing you
But I´m holding on to you
´Cause I´m drunk of you

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Fallen down

T.: Daniel
M.: Magnus

Look at the man, walking down the street
Not looking left of right
He needn´t, ´cause there´s noone to meet
So he does every day and night

He enters a bar and orders a drink
Nobody turns around
But there are more people than he can think
With him there on the ground

This old man, he feels like a rat
He has fallen down, his world is going dead

Backk on the street. Where? He doesn´t know.
Recognizing his memories
He had a good time many years ago
There is no way out he sees

He leaves downtown, goes to the water
Looking back, the city´s shining bright
Rethinks at no time if he ought to
And jumps into the night

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Hey you

T.: Daniel, Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Hey you, take a look at your life
How small are you, yourself at the day?
In the leap of gigs and dates you dive
A slive of time - anything to say?

Hey you, look around you
The city is crowded, loud and hostile
You are lost in it, what can you do?
Just to move you have to walk some mile

Hey you, what does life mean
You are a piece of this little planet
It is just a little bean
A small piece of dust in the universe

Hey you, don´t care about all this
Do not think about what you have to be
´Cause I know after every kiss
You are the greatest thing - for me!

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Life (III)

T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Walking down an avenue
All around is bright and loud
Not feeling happy or blue
All you want is getting out

Running down a track
Reaching for an invisible aim
Running, running, don´t look back
Life must be a stupid game

You can do what you want
Life is a long road with pot holes
All kinds of mood have come and gone
But take it just as it rolls!

Riding through the fields
Between trees and places you love
Reality is kept by mental shields
All is coloured, nothing rough

Flying across th sky
High above a foreign land
In this moments you never want to die
Being up there without an end

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T./M.: Magnus

I see the rain, falling from the sky
I thing of tears, you don´t ask me why
I see a train, driving through the night
I think of you, leaving for the fight

It´s a fight, you never could win
It´s a fight, you better never begin
But now it gets true: Your personally waterloo

I see this blood, pouring out of wounds
I see thos guns, shooting everywhere
I see those ruins, people lived there in
I see Those men, crippled for their life

I see this wife, waiting for her man
I see her children, playing in the sand

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New song

T.: Daniel, Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

I wanna sing a new song
Want to use words I never used before
I think this won´t take long
It´s not my first one and there will be more

I wanna sing a new song
A melody just sweet and fine
Tones to carry me along
I do it, ´cause this song is mine

I wanna play a new song
With instruments, yeah, with a band
Punk, rock, slowly, honky-tonk
We´ll try it with no real end

This was just a new song
I didn´t find it hard to do
I don´t know where it does belong
It was just a song for you

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Nice Songs

T.: Daniel, Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Nice Songs are about a city
The streets, the town and the nightlife
People living in peace together
Ever met at midnight a gun or a sharpened knife?

Nice songs are about the country
The people, the work, the celebrating
In all rainbow colours they'’re painted
No word crime, no word of hating

Nice songs are about loving
Falling in love, jealousy or parting even
Why are they needed when in our times
Even in little things no helping hand is given

Nice songs are wat für’n Arsch, we don'’t wanna sing nice songs
Everywhere I come and go I hear nice songs oh no
We don’t wanna sing nice songs, yeah, we wanna tell the things like they are
We wanna tell the truth yeah, we wanna tell the truth

Nice songs don't look around themselves
The problems in the world are growing tall
They don’t see pollution, war and segregation
This isn't a nice song at all !!

Nice songs are wat...

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T.: Markus
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Heads are aching, blood is boiling
So they are sitting at school
Learning, writing, calculating
The pen is the only tool

They are staring through the windows
Lessons are all the same
The teacher cries like the winds blows
Again, again, and again

Pupils don´t want to be treated
The want to do funny things
The classrooms are overheated
But pupils´ minds got their own wings

Stupid questions, silly faces
The only things teachers get
Everyone´s doing pencil-races
And thinking: That´s a lot

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Ocean of green

T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Markus, Magnus, Michael

The wind blows through the ocean of green
Up and down it's moving slowly
It's deepest regions no one has seen
Through this sweet silence, almost holy

The rain pours down the ocean of green
Brings what it needs to live
Just things to exist, pure and clean
It's the whole world it wants to give

This ocean flowing there in peace
From it's surface up to the sky
A world full oif silence and ease
Around there where the lucky birds fly

Thunder is roaring through the ocean of green
Disturbing its lovely existence
Distroying it hard, distroying it mean
Nowwhere seems to be a real resistence

This ocean flew there once in peace
Now smoke fills the blue sky
A smell of fire and grease
This ocean is goin to dry

This ocean flowing there...

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T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Magnus, Michael, Markus

Summerdays, fraky weekend
Everything´s together, all
With music and beer a good time to spend
Days full of sex, drugs and rock´n roll

When boredom fulfills us
Nobody knows what to do
Entering our orange bus
It is taking us where we want to

Future trips on lucky roads
From the hills down to the coasts
Take the thing as we use it
The good days of fun and music

From parties, gigs to festivals
And other places we´ve been
All we want is nothing else
But to can say: We have everything seen

Every party one time ends
Everyday life is roaring in the air
But you´re goimg back to your friends
Future doesn´t really care

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The public slide

T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Markus, Magnus, Michael

Welcome to our little stage
Where everyone can play, president or mayor
But we can’t guarantee the playing time
You will be puppets of the public favour

Make a speech or visit TV
But take care of every sentence
People will control you even more
When you were born behin dthe iron fence

Take care of what you say, take care of what you do
Everyone has put his eyes on you
Take care of what you say, that you don’t play a part
That you don’t play a part at this public slide

Press will be your dogged enemy
Will purse you from sunrise to bed
People read and hear it but don’t think
If you have this all literally said

Take care...

But why care about your mistakes
Nation will pay you till you’re old aged
And you won’t be the only one
Who has fallen from our public stage

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Reachin' home
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Red rose on a winter's day
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See the rain falling
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Steppin' up
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The perfect one

T.:Daniel, Markus
M.:Daniel, Magnus, Michael

A castle beneath dark forest
Thunderstorm is crashing down
Nothing but a small light there is
Something is happening that makes us frown
Passing th doors loudly screaming
Rats are shreaking in the distance
A door opens, a light is shining
Fear makes act without resistance

The perfect one
The perfect one
The percect one

Scarely looking around this dungeon
Everywhere cruel things and machinery
Is there a human? Tere lies a puppet one
Next to it a man like Dr. Frankenstein

It's a nice creepy story it seems
But this is no fiction at all
'cause nobody can imagine what happens
behind a research institutes wall

Manipulating genes to improve the human
Fooling biology with retort babies
Robotlike beings just to be commanded then
Breeding beings until noone varies

This process caused by crazy scientists
It's so called a biological revolution
But just remember what that is
It's the job of the evolution

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The Rebel

T.: Markus
M.: Markus

Do what you want, cry what you feel
Don't do like the people who live here
Cry what you feel and do what you want
And you will live but those people won't

Your mother shook her head, she couldn't believe
This couldn't be her son
You stood at the corner in one hand you hold a gun
But it was not a very big one

You're a rebel of society, you don't respect the law
Nobody feels like you, oh no
You think you're Conan or John Rambo
And you fight on your own

You're a ...

So you fought on your own to live like you want
But you lost this hopeless fight
Now you're sitting in the jail, thinking of what you've done
And you searching for the answeres but you get none

You're a ...…
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See the rain falling

T.: Daniel
M.: Daniel, Markus, Magnus, Michael

You say your brother hurt you
You say that you hate him
Was it so hard what he did do
Do you really want him to blaim

You say nations are having war
You say that it's allright
Everywhere there are rising more
Is the only solution to fight

But the world still keeps on turning
Nobody knows what the future will be
Just see the rain falling
Falling down on you and me

You say this world is really bad
You say it's getting worse
Did you ever think about the fact
That's the fault of everyone else

It's our fate to keep it rolling
To take this world as seems to be
'cause it's the same rain falling
Falling down upon you and me

But the world...

It's not our fate to keep it rolling
To take this world as it seems to be
'cause it's the same rain falling
Falling down upon you and me

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To be forgotten
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Truth or lies
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Tumbling paradise
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